About us

We are proud owners of a family run coffee farm nestled in the rain forest of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The farm is located in the national heritage region of Clysdale. This farm has been in our family for over 3 decades. I still have fond memories of when I was a boy, running among the trees, enjoying the beauty of the lush terrain, so high up that I felt I could touch the blue sky. All this while at the same time I was learning the science of producing this exotic coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world because of its unique balance of flavour, aroma, body and acidity.

The taste profile of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is very smooth, and flavoursome, with little or no bitter after taste. The myriad of flavours complement each other in ways that have to be enjoyed first-hand to truly understand.

Annual production of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is small in comparison to global production levels. As a result, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee remains elusive and highly treasured. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is considered to be “Speciality Coffee” because of its quality and relative scarcity. The premium quality and rarity are some of the reasons why the coffee is so expensive.

Exportable annual production varies between 400 metric tons & 1,000 metric tonnes which is equivalent to just 0.1 % of annual Colombian production! Most Coffee produced in other countries are farmed on low flat lands, while the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is farmed at altitudes of up to 5000 feet above sea level. These conditions are ideally suited for coffee production due to the fact that the soil is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus and there is lots of year-round rainfall and cloud cover.

The high altitude and humid atmosphere create perfect conditions for growing the Arabica Typica bean, which is what is found in Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

As our farm oversees and controls the full operational cycle - ranging from planting, harvesting to packaging we are able to guarantee that you, our valued customers will receive  “single origin coffee” of the highest calibre.

Our coffee is subject to inspections by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA), which is the regulatory body in Jamaica tasked with monitoring the quality of coffee that is exported. Every barrel of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee MUST be  tested and certified by JACRA to verify is origin and quality before being exported under the Jamaica Blue Mountain® trademark. This all means that buyers will get peace of mind that they are getting verifiable Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee when making purchases.

  We are proud that our coffee carries this certification and we are pleased to provide you with this product of superior quality. We look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive group of exotic and rare coffee drinkers.