Green Beans 1 kg
Green Beans 1 kg
Green Beans 1 kg

Green Beans 1 kg

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We supply fresh green arabica coffee beans to suit the preferences of our customers.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or looking to master the skill of roasting your own beans, these beans will certainly tantalise your taste buds and provide the perfect brew.

Once roasted, this coffee yields a low acidic, light bodied brew. You will experience a pleasant aroma and a mild, smooth flavour from this premium Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

The ideal combination of temperature, soil, altitude, and technology creates the balance of aroma, body and acidity with subtle fruit and floral overtones and a characteristic mellowness differentiates Jamaica Blue Mountain from other coffees.

  • Ideal for roasting at home
  • Do not grind before roasting

**Must be roasted before consuming**